Application Guidance


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For up to 30 calendar days, an authorized and licensed representative will be on standby to answer questions related to your application. The authorized representative will learn about the details surrounding your case and proactively assist you.

How it works and what you can expect:
Step 1: After receipt of your payment, a licensed immigration consultant will be assigned to your case.
Step 2: You will receive an introduction email from the immigration consultant who is assigned to provide you with guidance.
Step 3: The authorized representative will answer all of your questions in a timely manner and will proactively help you.
Step 4: If you are still in the process of completing the application at the end of the 30 days, the authorized representative will provide you with a to-do list so you are still able to complete the application on your own.

Method of Communication
Our primary method of communication is by email. When necessary, phone appointments will be scheduled at your convenient time and without additional costs. An in-person appointment is unavailable at this time.

Fees above are fully refundable as a credit towards your case’s professional fees should you decide to hire us to continue the preparation, submit and represent your current application within 30 days of us completing the service.