Application Feedback


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Let an immigration professional examine your completed application to check for errors and provide feedback.

An immigration practitioner will check your completed application (including dependent children, if applicable) prior to submission. Any errors will be identified, you will be given suggestions on how you can further strengthen your application, and/or make you become aware of any details in your application that may cause a problem or create a complication down the road.

As it is important for you to submit your application in a timely manner, your feedback will be provided within 24 hours of receiving your full application package.

How it works and what you can expect:
Step 1: After receipt of your payment, a licensed immigration consultant will be assigned to your case.
Step 2: You will receive an email asking for a digital copy of your full application package.
Step 3: We will provide you with a detailed report within 24 hours of receiving your full application package.
Step 4: A representative will contact you by phone to let you know that an email has been sent to you containing a detailed report.
Step 5: You will have the opportunity to ask for clarifications if anything is unclear or you have a concern.

Method of Communication
Our primary method of communication is by email. When necessary, phone appointments will be scheduled at your convenient time and without additional costs. An in-person appointment is unavailable at this time.

Fees above are fully refundable as a credit towards your case’s professional fees should you decide to hire us to continue the preparation, submit and represent your current application within 30 days of us completing the service.